We are pushing the boundaries of what fashion brands can do to reduce wastage and honour our earth.

Over 90% of the fabric we use is sourced from leftover (overrun production) from textile factories. By upcycling fabric, we optimise 'waste' and our customers benefit from more textile variation in special, limited batches. 

We source fabric through local partners who run multi-generational family shops in Singapore and Malaysia. This helps reduce international cargo and therefore reduce our environmental impact. We also source from quality, chemical free, suppliers in China, Japan, Italy and India.

Our favourite materials are those that are either biodegrade or stretch! We use natural fibres as much as possible such as bamboo and linen. If we must use synthetic (all spandex), we try to use blends that are known to decompose well such as cupro and tencel.

Explore how we pursue sustainability in all facets of our production process and beyond - including our office practises, packaging, and our community. Read more.