Lisa Von Tang is a fashion designer, residing in Singapore. She is eurasian, mixed Chinese and German. Ex-model and advertising executive.




In 2015, we were born to unapologetically stand behind Warriors of Love. This spirit echoes loud and proud throughout each show we theatrically stage – from New York to Hong Kong. The collections are sustainably made and celebrate premium, unique, loungewear and our Asian heritage.


We are inspired by Southeast Asia, and our home of Singapore is a unique crossroads of many cultures in this region. Past collections have paid tribute to the tribal matriarchs of Myanmar, the Hindi goddess Durga, the embroidery traditions of Imperial China, and the hand dyed batik fabric of Malaysia and Indonesia. We have a passion for our ethnic heritage, and powerful women that embrace their 'yin' and use it to heal the world.





Lisa Von Tang, our Creative Director and Founder is a polymath with deep experience in fashion design, branding, immersive events, and an academic background in political philosophy, although she initially started off in biochemisty. She loves being involved in all aspects of our brand, and you may even have received a handwritten note from her in one of your orders!


Lisa is driven by beauty and activism. From a young age, Lisa was obsessed with fashion in the purest sense. She would endlessly sketch and design new outfits and create them out of paper. Thank god she's moved to fabric now.


As part of her method of living, Lisa immerses herself deeply in the cultures of the people of Southeast Asia and China. While her mother is Chinese and her dad is German Canadian - Lisa also has Burmese, Thai and Indonesian blood in her ancestral bloodline. It's important to her to bring diversity to the world stage, in terms of beauty and what it means to be empowered.


In her free time, Lisa has contributed essays and travel diaries to the likes of Harper's Bazaar and the Kerber-published book by Jens Uwe Parkitny, "Marked for Life: Myanmar's Chin Women." She also works with Singapore's oldest green NGO, Nature Society, and studies how we can radically reduce our environmental impact while living in an urban setting.


Lisa has also partnered with UN Women to support women and girls in wider Asia, who have been born into bad times. She dreams of a world where all people, animals and species are treated with respect as part of one cosmic whole - and of course, where beauty reigns as Queen.