lisa von tang. singapore's top fashion designer. lisa von tang biography. 

Lisa Von Tang spreads empowerment through its bold collections, and thrilling immersive events. Born in 2015 out of Singapore, LVT has grown to include ready to wear, bespoke red carpet creations, sneakers, and scent.

LVT champions personal power, individual freedom, and respect for diverse cultures and the Earth. Our mission is to create a more joyful, 'woke' world. These values are inculcated in the each collection's inspiration, event themes, and sustainable practises. At LVT, we are Warriors of Love.



Lisa Von Tang is the brainchild behind her eponymous label, and operates as its CEO and Creative Director.  She personally styles celebrities across Asia, New York and Hollywood. Originally from Vancouver, Lisa fell in love with Singapore, and has made it her home for over ten years. 

With a Grandfather who was an acclaimed Chinese watercolour painter and political activist, Lisa took an early interest in art and design, and incessantly sketched fashion collections as a young girl. Lisa studied political philosophy in university, and took her first job as a brand strategist at advertising giant, Ogilvy & Mather. Never forgetting her heritage and passion for design, Lisa soon applied her branding know-how, and LVT was conceived.

Inherently drawn to activism, Lisa works with UN Women, and Nature Society – combining two areas of passion: gender equality and environmental conservation. She aims to leave the world in a better state than how she found it. Lisa’s essays on fashion and philosophy have been published multiple times by Harper’s BAZAAR, and also by Kerber in Jens Uwe Parkitny's art book, "Marked for Life".