Lisa Von Tang is a fashion designer, residing in Singapore. She is eurasian, mixed Chinese and German. Ex-model and advertising executive. 

Lisa Von Tang is a Fashion Designer, Experience Architect and Creative Director. Her passion is for Luxury Comfort-wear, that can take you from yoga to work to play, and unforgettable, immersive, experiences. 

Originally from Vancouver, with parents of Chinese and German descent, Lisa’s childhood naturally incorporated cultural fusion. From a young age, Lisa was fascinated by the beauty of the natural world around her, and expressed this inspiration through art, dance and poetry. Her innate multicultural view of humanity would become a foundation from which she would later create as a designer.  

As a child, travel was everything. With an acclaimed Chinese watercolour painter as her grandfather, Lisa spent time in China and Singapore, meshing with her Southeast Asian roots. She ardently consumed the rich heritage this region gave her, while resonated in spirit with the rebellious, anarchic callings of Westcoast Teenagedom.

At the age of nineteen, Lisa began to base herself out of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong as she finished her degree in Political Science, studying International Relations and Ancient Philosophy, with Simon Fraser University. She was brought to Asia repeatedly on modeling contracts, being in-demand for her Eurasian beauty. Lisa would eventually make her mark, however, through her own creations.

After working for global advertising giant, Ogilvy & Mather, as a brand strategist, Lisa founded a multi-label boutique, and suffered through a steep entrepreneurial learning process. Throughout this journey, she learned what she had to focus on building: A brand that would connect pockets of love warriors around the globe.   

In 2015, Lisa started her own brand and made it unapologetically stand behind Warriors of Love. This spirit echoed loud and proud throughout each show the brand theatrically staged – from New York to Hong Kong. The collections blended Lisa’s adoration and pride in Asian textiles with luxurious but comfortable designs.

The brand has since been lit up by beautiful spirits the world over, who connect with LVT’s message of Strength and Love, or in Chinese philosophical terms - Yin and Yang. Beyond earning respect from some of the world’s most respected publications, Lisa’s written essays have also been published by Harper’s BAZAAR. 

LVT also regularly works with NGOs dedicated to conserving local biodiversity and promoting sustainability, such as Nature Society (consistenly awarded Singapore's most transparent NGO); and continues to support women with a longstanding partnership with UN Women. See our sustainability practices.

Lisa has been living in Singapore for over ten years, and considers it home sweet home.