i love design because the work is never done. there is always a new material i want to explore, banana, rose, hemp; or a new epiphany that I must incorporate. i design for soft, pure, spirits who have had to deal with the brutality of the world - i make them powerful armour, and i make pieces that also encourage their femininity. in every thing i create, there is yin and yang.


Lisa Von Tang lives for fashion design and performance art, and has an academic background in political philosophy, although she initially started off in biochemistry. She is driven by the ideal of joyful living for all. Fashion has existed since the dawn of civilisation as a way of expressing who we are, and reflects the values of our times. LVT believes that design, at it's best, functions as cultural medicine. As our customers understand, the right jacket or robe holds transformative power.


As part of her method of living, Lisa is constantly finding her edge and channeling her research into new collections. While her mother is Chinese and her dad is German Canadian - Lisa also has Burmese, Thai and Indonesian blood in her ancient bloodline. Lisa champions bringing diverse voices to the world stage, and sees fashion as a necessary part of this aim. 


Lisa also loves writing. Her cultural essays have been published multiple times in Harper's Bazaar, and her travel diary was published by Kerber in Jens Uwe Parkitny's book, "Marked for Life: Myanmar's Chin Women." Lisa also works with Singapore's oldest NGO, Nature Society, and UN Women. She is part of a coming new world where all people, all species, and all of nature is treated with respect as part of one cosmic whole - and where beauty reigns as Queen.