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lisa von tang  

Lisa Von Tang began her brand in 2015, with a line named Chi Chi which focused on her iconic Warrior Bomber Jacket. Her desire was to create a brand dedicated to exploring the rich area where East and West combine, as well as infusing each piece created with the spirit of empowerment. The brand has since grown into Singapore's premiere luxury streetwear brand, well known for its immersive retail experiences.

The brand champions personal power, individual freedom, respect for diverse cultures, and the mission to create a more joyful world. This ethos is central to the LVT tribe termed "Warrior of Love" --- The belief that one must be zen and connected to all, until fortitude is required to protect this peaceful equilibrium.

Born in Canada, Lisa is half Chinese, half German, and has lived in Singapore for the past ten years. Her life experience has always been one of ethnic diversity and cultural fusion, which she believes will become more mainstream as the world continues to interconnect. Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science, and prior to her brand, worked as a brand strategist at advertising giant, Ogilvy & Mather.

With a grandfather who was a Chinese watercolour painter, the family's artistic tradition was inculcated at a young age. From the age of nine, Lisa was already designing and creating paper patterns; sure that someday she would be dressing the stars. Fast-forward to today, Lisa Von Tang has been worn by some of the world's brightest stars including Cara Delevigne, Mick Jagger, Adriana Lima, and Eve.