I am intrigued by people who belong to more than one culture. I appreciate the way different tribes tend to brush up against each other and create 'third cultures' in special pockets in the world. I love purity. Intelligence. Power that flows and feels. I like the discomfort of not being sure where I belong; like an expat returning after twenty years to realize their town can no longer capture them in the same way. Or like leaving Plato's cave. This discomfort transforms into delight when you find belonging in the most unexpected people and places.


Lisa Von Tang is based in Singapore and is partnered with a creative studio in Milan, Italy. From 2023 onwards, design and production of the collections is split between Italy and Asia. The brand was founded in 2017 and has always been inspired by people who belong to more than one culture. From the start, every collection has reflected Lisa's lifestyle of travel across Asia, and her exploration of sustainable artisanship in places like Italy, Bali, China and Morocco.

Lisa was born in Canada to Chinese and German parents. Her grandfather was a Chinese watercolor painter from Xiamen, China, celebrated for his revolutionary work during before and during the Cultural Revolution. Her guiding philosophy in life and throughout every collection is the balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and by extension the balance and fusion of her bi-cultural understanding of the world. With every season, Lisa works on clarifying her vision through the line, and elevating the quality of its design and suppliers.