Lisa Von Tang is a fashion designer, residing in Singapore. She is eurasian, mixed Chinese and German. Ex-model and advertising executive.




Lisa Von Tang, commonly shortened to LVT, was spawned in 2015 in an explosion of anarchic freedom and cultural adoration. Founder, Lisa, wanted to represent her mixed heritage in a fashion line that didn't shy away from bold statements - whether these statements be in color or in social protest. And so, LVT was born. Full of punchy brocade dragons, iridescent silks, figure-flattering cuts, and trembling with an undercurrent of grassroots empowerment.


Since then, LVT has stayed true to its love of Statement Jackets and Courageous Content. Our immersive performance shows have rocked private stages from New York's Chelsea district to Hong Kong's Art Basel. We live and breathe cultural research and truth-seeking, with an aim to uncover new, and highly relevant design narratives from our deep Asian roots.


We are a Southeast Asian brand by definition. Past collections have paid tribute to the tribal matriarchs of Myanmar, the Hindi goddess Durga, the embroidery traditions of Imperial China, and the hand dyed batik fabric of Malaysia and Indonesia. However, we sell globally with much gratitude.


The things that matter most to us are telling important, diverse, and timely stories - which in the past, have related to domestic abuse, environmental abuse, speciesism, and disempowerment or cultural erasure of minorities. Read more about our Sustainability processes here.





Originally from Canada, Lisa has called Singapore home for the last twelve years. Lisa is of mixed heritage, with Chinese and Southeast Asian blood from her mother's side, and European blood from her father's side. Her formative years included travel, lifestyle, and cultural influence from both east and west, and at the age of twenty-one, she decided to move to Asia for good.


At the age of six, Lisa was already fascinated by designing fashion. She would spend endless hours drawing costumes, creating custom clothing for her paper mannequins, and even created some paper patterns for herself!



Fashion was in the cards for Lisa, and at the age of eighteen, she began modelling across Asia while completing her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. While walking the runway for designers across Asia, she fell in love with Hong Kong's electric nightclubs, urban planning and dim sum, Thailand's immensely spicy soups and abundance of laughter and raw silk, and Singapore's incredible ability to have Buddhist Temples, Mosques, and Hindu Temples all in the same neighbourhoods. She vowed to bring more diverse, Asian culture to the world stage.


Once she finished her degree, Lisa began work with advertising giant, Ogilvy & Mather, as a brand strategist. She then left to create an online retail platform for independent designers called Gnossem, and shortly after began conceptualising what would soon become our LVT label as you know it.


In 2017, Lisa decided to focus solely on her own label, as it was showing signs of taking off with love from A-list celebrities and the industry's most reputable publications. She opened the first Flagship Store at Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands, and maintained that store for three years, before moving fully an e-commerce and events-based retail model, that reaches customers across the globe.


Lisa now splits her time between design, running the business with her entrepreneurial team, gardening, and being mummy to her cat and dog. She also works with NGOs that are transparent and dedicated to social justice for women and children, or the Earth, such as UN Women, Nature Society, and Care for the Homeless, and Contribute.sg.