I am intrigued by people who belong to more than one culture. I appreciate the way different tribes tend to brush up against each other and create 'third cultures' in special pockets in the world. I love purity. Intelligence. Power that flows and feels. I enjoy the discomfort of never being sure where I belong; it transforms into delight when I find home in the most unexpected people and places.


Lisa Von Tang was founded in 2017 in Singapore. From the start, every collection has reflected Lisa's passion for exploring cultures ---from her family's roots in China and Southeast Asia to the leather workshops of Venice and fabric mills outside Florence and Lake Como. Lisa was born and raised in Canada to Chinese and German immigrant parents. Her guiding philosophy in life and throughout every collection is the balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and the expression of her bi-cultural understanding of the world. With every season, Lisa works on clarifying her vision and refining our quality and sustainability processes.

Based in Singapore, while building resonance with our tribe internationally:

Milan Fashion Week - FW24

Milan Fashion Week - SS24

New York Fashion Week - FW23

Milan Fashion Week - SS23

New York Fashion Week - FW23

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