Sustainable Practises

We are committed to being as sustainable as possible— from the sourcing of our fabrics, to being aware of what dyes and fibres are being used, manufacturing, packaging, recycling, our own office practises, and benefits for team members who are supporting sustainable projects or contributing to the community in their free time. Every person along the life-cycle of what we create is screened for their ability to uphold our values.


All fabric used by LVT is from overrun productions where there was leftover. By avoiding the new production of fabric, we reduce waste while also offering customers more textile variation since our fabric comes in small batches. 

We also try to source as much fabric as we can locally. Its not a simple feat in Singapore, but we make it happen with generations-old family-run businesses who are a part of the small textile community here. While locally-sourced fabric is more expensive, we get to reduce the environmental impact caused by international cargo.

Finally, we use natural fibres such as bamboo and silk, as much as possible. Certain fabrics require synthetic materials (anything stretchy contains plastic,) which make these fabrics difficult to decompose. However, we aim to use biodegradable spandex, made from bio-oil plastics, as it becomes available.


All factories that produce our clothing or scent are carefully screened, to ensure that they take social and environmental standards seriously. We can ensure that no unfair or unsafe labor goes into our creations, as our factory in China is FAMA-certified, and we regularly visit our scent and clothing factories in Singapore.


We created our HQ with over 75% recycled materials and reclaimed or reused furniture. Our mirrors, carpets, part of our display racks, our atelier working table, and chairs are all reclaimed. We organise our waste and recycle, and we use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies. Our locations also use LED lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances. We're also conscious of using recycled paper, and non-toxic materials in all of our office work and packaging. 


Our team is made up of individuals that care about the wellbeing of both themselves, others, and the environment. All of our hourly retail staff are paid more than the minimum wage, and we provide benefits to team members that want to either better themselves through fitness classes, or better the community through charity work. Our employee incentives motivate them to have a positive impact on the world, because we're Warriors of Love at the end of the day.