Co-Creating a Masterpiece with You

A myriad of versions of this classic jacket have been created by you, our beloved clients, over the last few years.

Most of you came to our atelier at Marina Bay Sands with a special color you wanted to work with, or a cheeky mantra to embroider. One client asked to embroider "dry bagels" on his inner pocket, as a throwback to when he was still a struggling actor (he had limited dining options). With each custom order, we'd rejoice in finding the perfect fabrics and delivering a finished bespoke piece - well received. Its inspiring to co-create with you all.

Earlier this year, our kickass brand manager, Lenice, had an idea, "Why don't we make it easier for people to personalise their jackets by going online?" We ran this by a few of our VIPs, and they came back with a resounding, "YES PLEASE!" Our team thus got to work on creating a tool for you to create your own unique jacket. 

First, we had to decide - What are you able to customise online? When we gave our test subjects too many options, we fried their already-overworked brains. "Too much thinking lah!" We therefore decided to limit the options, but keep them fresh on the regular: Unique fabrics and embroidery colors could change every few months. 

One of my favourite super limited-edition fabrics is the Cambodian raw silk below. I personally sourced this silk from the jungle factory in Siem Reap. I remember touring the silk factory, and seeing the gluttonous (and rather blissful) silk worms munching away on mulberry leaves. Past the leaf-munching room, I saw the cocooning screens. Silk cocoons are naturally a marigold yellow color, and feel springy yet coarse. 

lisa von tang bomber jackets that are personalised with sustainable fabric

The cocoons are eventually melted down in deep pots, and then pulled into singular threads. Once the rough thread is pulled taut around spindles, it will be refined further to become the "silky" texture we are familiar with. The silk above was handwoven, and dyed with chemical-free inks from nature. I chose it for its unrefined character. 

All of the fabrics offered in our customiser are super limited in quantity. Beyond the raw silk, our Chinese brocades are also unique options. When it comes to brocade, we up-cycle and use excess production (factory wastage) turn it into sustainable pieces.  We also try to keep things local, and create and embroider the customised jackets locally! Your personalised masterpiece will be proudly Made in Singapore.

So without further ado, hope you enjoy playing with our new baby! If you have any feedback for my team and I, please share with us at Please also feel free to tag @lisavontang on instagram so we can see you rocking your unique creation. xoxo!

Update: Our Customise did a successful beta launch from November 2019 - February 2020, and is undergoing development for new version set to launch later in 2020! We will update you asap once its ready, for now: Visit our Custom Homepage, to customise your jackets there!