This 29th March 2019, Lisa Von Tang raised a little hell in Hong Kong for Art Basel - in partnership with Ichu. The immersive performance art meets fashion show gave reverence to Wild Women. 

The audience was mesmerised, as our exquisite dancer paint down the runway canvas and the models graced the catwalk in our statement jackets and brocade ensembles.

Wild Women has been shamed and tamed for disrupting domesticated patriarchal society. They may be desired for their vital beauty, but unlike the usual beauty queens - they don't fit in. They walk barefoot into boardrooms. They hold their lovers accountable. They orgasm like Shakti. They cry for the muted caged spirits who allow themselves to live in such diminished states. Wild Women will never fit in, until the world respects them again.

The opening act started in the dining room of the amazing Ichu. As an anthem to embolden the wild spirits in our midst, Lisa picked Sunni Paterson's spoken words as well as Yoko Ono's feral grunts and screams in the show soundtrack. The beautiful dancers, Ophelia Jacarini and Luigi Prato, brought the show to life. 

The act then opened to a catwalk on the lounge terrace, under the stars. Lisa wanted to pierce through the layers of civilised dinner with raw cries for the wildness we usually keep in a jar. 

Finally, the closing act for our recent show in Hong Kong saw exquisite dancer Ophelia paint down the runway, eventually "making love" with Luigi on the canvas to the sounds of Yoko Ono's screaming. 

A few superheroes gathered at the show and partied with us, while decked in LVT. Model/influencer Kenta Sakura was dressed in our warrior bomber, while model Lora was in a emerald wrapped dress.