Lisa Von Tang aims to set a high standard of social, environmental and economic sustainability within the fashion industry by way of our product, policies, practices and partnerships to foster a future that is exploitation free and promotes freedom and equality. Read about our code of conduct here. 

our Materials

Circular systems

Location: China

Fabric mills in Portugal, Italy and Turkey

Transforms food crop waste into high-quality BioFibre, which can replace polyester and cotton, while producing only beneficial effluents.

Preserves original fiber quality for the next generation of recycled materials.

Global Organic Textile Standard
Organic Content Standard

Global Recycle Standard


Location: China

Recycled biodegradable nylon

Low-carbon, environmentally friendly company that focuses on developing and producing nylon fibre made from plastic waste found in the ocean.

Protect marine life and enhance biodiversity to restore a healthy ecosystem.

Aim to raise public awareness of Marine ecological pollution from plastic waste in oceans.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified

TUNGGA group

Location: China

Recycled linen and hemp

Linen spinning and weaving processes are performed in their own mill, providing transparency and traceability throughout the production chain.

100% of their cotton is sourced with focus on supporting farms and their water efficiency, soil health, harmful chemical reduction, and social & ethical labour practice initiatives.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified


Location: Vietnam 

Zippers and hardware

Part of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Initiative (ZDHC) Zero harmful chemicals 
Holistic support for workers


We are pleased to share our partnerships with various leading quality suppliers, including:

Shri Sai Creations
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit - SMETA Best Practice Guidance

Nantong Hongyu Garments
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit - SMETA Best Practice Guidance

Dragon’s Choice Ltd.
Used by Valentino (one of their clients)

For made-to-order and bespoke pieces, we work with independent local tailor from Singaporeans.