The Durga Poem

Durga, the Hindu Warrior Goddess, lives in a state of blissful union with the universe and is 'one with all' - However, when she needs to become a Warrior, she has no qualms about going to battle. This makes her a legend that modern women can draw inspiration from. Its not often that one deity embodies the duality of warrior and lover - even though, in this world we live in today, sometimes both are necesary. While love should always be the default, and leading light - sometimes you must go to war for what you hold dear.

The below film was conceptualised and directed by Lisa Von Tang, and shot between a studio and her living room, with a group of friends namely, Singaporean poet Deborah Emmanuel, LA-based healer and performing artist Ariel White, Colorado-based performing artist, Leif Newburg, and also starred Lisa herself. The film was then screened as part of The Durga Show by Lisa Von Tang: a series of 11 shows at the Singapore-based private member's club, Straits Clan.


Poem by Lisa Von Tang: 
I am pure as a child's smile
Giggling deliriously in my own paradise
Floating by on a lily pad
One with all.  
I am the life source you feel
Pumping through your veins
The stirring of life in a womb
The explosion of stars into
Microscopic particles dancing
Like schools of unruly sparkling fish
Through every cell 
Through every tree and wall 
And skyscraper and mountain top.  
Dive into the source of your laughter
And I am there, glowing white light
Laugh until you are still, 
Until our flames touch and combine.  
Feel me... It is so beautiful 
And yet there are those who forget
Who numb themselves with learned pouts
Over-civilised, over-capitalised 
Post-joy, Post-love, Post-purity, 
Post-life, and yet they wander around
Dolefully renting out their corpses 
For another night
For what?  
Raise your hand against creation
And you raise your hand against 
The fiercest protector the world ever saw
I relish holding your gaze with the
Damning assurance that
I'm more powerful than you are.  
Your addiction to control is baseless
While my conviction to stand in your way is
Grounded deep in the bottom of the ocean
I stand before you with two feet
Warmed by the core of the Earth.  
And yet you will try your luck to pass me
As that is your nature
You've forgotten how to live
And know only how to conquer
You gallop towards a sure death
One linear pathway committed to having more
More of what? At the cost of what?
You fly past paradises on either side
In a tunnel-visioned fury toward my throat
My tongue descends like the entrance to a spaceship
And you charge up the ramp
A tiny madman, with sword overhead.  
I chew you slowly
And then spit you out
Depositing pieces along the way 
Back to my blissful abode
Water illuminated by honeyed 5 o' clock sun
I bask in ecstasy on my shimmering pond
While dead atoms recycle themselves 
Into sweeter compositions.