On the evening of 24th February 2019, Lisa Von Tang launched in Malaysia with an exclusive show at CÉ LA VI, followed by the opening of the brand’s store at Starhill Gallery in March 2019!

The launch of our scent collection, the 5 Elements, in Kuala Lumpur was a great success! The event featured the brand’s characteristic ‘immersive entertainment’ - enabling guests, including Rebekah Yeoh, Yi Ping Teo, and Bella Kuan, to experience the brand on all senses.

The Five Elements Show, presenting Lisa Von Tang (LVT)’s new scent line, took guests on a journey back in time, when humanity honoured the earth more. The storyline of the performance art, and subsequent collection is inspired by Nature and our need to be more conscious of how we live on the Earth.

The scent line titled “The Five Elements” is inspired by Chinese Astrology, and has five fragrances: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. To reduce the environmental impact, the manufacturing of the scent and its packaging was kept local. LVT also supports local environmental NGOs with each bottle sold. LVT decided to choose local NGOs for every market launch, to keep the impact more meaningful in each community.

In Singapore, LVT gives 10% of profit from each bottle sold to Nature Society Singapore (NSS) – Singapore’s oldest and most transparent NGO. In Kuala Lumpur, LVT supports the social enterprise, Recyclothes due to their promotion of sustainable living through recycling clothing. Sustainability is at the heart of how LVT manufactures, with all fabric being comprised of ‘excess fabric production’ that would have gone to waste. LVT utilizes these small batches and upcycles them. The values alignment with Recyclothes was thus clear.

The show at CÉ LA VI marks the second immersive show that LVT has brought to Kuala Lumpur. After doing a successful pop-up event in Kuala Lumpur at NOBU, Lisa Von Tang (LVT) made plans to create a permanent presence in the market when the time was right.