Broken but Together: Helena and Gustav

❤️💚💙🌋Welcome, everyone, to LVT’s series of Q&As with real-life couples about the nature of their relationships, and the struggles they face and are trying to overcome! We love this real look at relationships and epic love.

We would like to acknowledge the inspiration for this series: gifted sculptor Michael Benisty  - who has so realistically come up with the idea of couples journeying while #brokenbuttogether 👣

Our first feature couple is Helena and Gustav, who we have photographed in their own home! Helena is wearing the Kamaya Robe and the matching Lace-paneled Batik Shorts, while Gustav rocks the Hope is Contagious T-Shirt in Yellow and Long Kimono Robe in Batik. Shop the campaign here.

💋 Q: How did you meet?⠀⠀⠀

💬 Helena: We met in January 2017 — we didn’t like each other so much at the beginning —actually not at all, which was quite a surprise, because I always thought that I would meet my husband and it would be love at first sight. But slowly we became friends, and then we finally fell madly in love … 6 months after we first met.

💋 Q: What is the most difficult time you went through together? And how did you make it through?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

💬 Helena: The most difficult time we went through was the few months, and weeks, and days right before our wedding, where a lot of fears of Gustav's fears were coming up because he actually never wanted to get married in the first place, but did it more as a gift for me because I really wanted to get married. So all his fears around marriage came up to the surface and it was quite a challenging time. Even though it was a difficult time, we managed to stay together — because we love each other so, so much. We persevered even though it was not a fun time and there was constant arguments. Now, looking back, we are so thankful that we worked through it.

💋 Q: What’s your definition of love?

💬 Helena: My definition of love is about choosing each other again and again, every day, and seeing somehow love in our relationship expand and evolve, and remarrying each other again and again, as we evolve and heal together. So I would say it’s like a constant choice — re-choosing each other.

💋 Q: What is something you still struggle with — an area of constant learning in your relationship?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

💬 Helena: So we have a very beautiful, elevating, and constantly evolving relationship, which is amazing. Always pushing each other’s limits and taking risks and trying new things and expanding and healing together, which is absolutely wonderful. Then something else that we are still struggling with that is that we have the most fun relationship. However, we get in THE most explosive fights like it’s World War 3 💥 in the house, so that’s just something we’re working on, bringing more peace in the relationship. 🙏🏽

So far, we've heard a lot from Helena's side of the story. Let's direct our attention to what Gustav's view is on love and relationships! 

💋 Q: What do you like most about your wife?

💬 Gustav: Helena is amazing and sexy!

💋Q: What do you like most about being with your wife?

💬 Gustav: I adore being with Helena because she brings out the best of me! I feel amazing with her 😃. She is also probably the only person that has seen everything about me and still chooses to accept me and love me 😃 

💋Q: How's your relationship been like recently, during these challenging quarantine times?

💬 Gustav: Being together in Covid has accelerated our intimacy. I have learned lots about myself through her and our difficult days! I feel even more connected, safe and trusting in our relationship than before Covid ❤️

With that, Gustav wraps up our #brokenbuttogether series with our first featured couple! Thank you so much, Helena and Gustav, for being really open and sporting with your responses 💐.

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