LVT Experiences

lisa von tang - lvt experiences - immersive entertainment, performed at kilo lounge with dancers and painters. experiential retail that thrills.

Experiences are the heart and soul of LVT. From the beginning, we thrilled audiences with our immersive performance theatre, and offered exclusive access to unique experiences spanning Feng Shui and Meditation Classes, Body Movement Courses, Bespoke Creation Workshops, and Henna Body Art. 

We believe the purpose of life is to experience joy, and thrill the senses. A bit hedonistic perhaps, but how many of us actually to stop and smell the roses? Join us to experience a new dimension of living, LVT style. 


An Evening of Pampering
Between Nov 1st - Nov 31st 

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Coastal Clean-up at Labrador Nature Reserve
9th November

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Striptease Class for Two
Between 1st Nov - 30th Nov

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