LVT Experiences

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LVT Show Tours

Lisa Von Tang has done over 30 shows worldwide, from Singapore to New York which always tell an empowering story, and deliver fresh, immersive performances in unforgettable style. Venue Partners for LVT's shows include: NOBU, The Battery, Straits Clan, Kilo, CE LA VI and The Singapore Repertory Theatre. Each new collection spawns a unique show which launches the new line, then goes on tour.

LVT Experience Solutions

LVT also offers experience solutions to corporate client and partner events. Known for our immersive, thrilling, and unexpected style of entertainment, LVT delivers both an artistic vision and helps direct execution on the ground. Areas covered include:  entertainment program, talent casting, styling, art direction, and in some cases, co-promotion. 


Currently On Tour: The Five Elements Show 

The show for The Five Elements is a fully immersive experience, created to remind us that we are a part of Nature. This thrilling series of events feature world-class performers, live dance painting, scent zones, and readings to find out your own personal element. For information on tour dates, you may visit the Show Schedule