The Art of the Flattering Face Mask

Designing a Face Mask that flatters the face is an art form. Human faces vary vastly in terms of proportions, size, features, and of course skin tone! When our Creative Director, Lisa Von Tang, set out to create our now-famous mask line, she wanted to create an accessory that we feel beautiful in. 

So here it is! The Art of the Flattering Face Mask. First of all, the mask should not widen the face, whether its through overly thick fabric or through the cutting of the sides, and the seams themselves.

The LVT silk face masks were designed to fit like a second skin, close to the face, with as little weight as possible. They also cut in just below the cheek bone, and expose the jaw line, to accentuate slender lines and pre-existing face structure. 


Secondly, if supermodels are any measure of good looks, it seems as though most cultures around the world prefer a higher, pronounced cheek bone. Instead of hiding this feature under a face pillow on straps - LVT set out to accentuate and heighten the cheek bone, as well as designed a padded ridge to lift the nose bridge. This beautiful scoop line, from nose bridge to cheekbone - peak to peak, gives a universally flattering look.

Finally, quality matters when you're breathing through it all day! Lisa Von Tang refused to make cheap, disposable masks and instead focussed her talent on creating premium masks that would make the user feel wonderfully indulged! We use only the finest silk, which is one of the most breathable materials known to man.

We also use Egyptian Cotton, and AAA Grade Oxford Cotton as lining for our face masks. Many people these days have sensitive skin, and should not be wearing synthetic (plastic-based), or chemically treated fabrics on their facial area. Soft Cotton and Silk is skin-friendly, and natural.

At Lisa Von Tang, we take pride in premium, uniquely designed pieces that you can't find anywhere else! See our latest additions to our VOGUE-loved face mask collection, by clicking here