Letter from our Founder: Covid Crisis

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Dearest lovers of LVT,

Hope you’re getting through this week alright.

Since my earliest days, spent on creating something from nothing (and without experience yet), I have always been, first and foremost, a stubborn survivor. And we’re a team that’s comedically familiar with being in a state of survival. There were many seasons when a collection almost didn’t happen due to lack of cash, and many times our (now celebrated) events were held together by nothing more than sheer tenacity.

We know how to face uncertainty and we have grown into agile ninjas when it comes to adapting to global shifts - like when the Covid Crisis trickled down to our Flagship Store becoming redundant during this crisis.  We follow the lead of inspiring warriors around the world, and draw strength and inspiration from each other. We hold each other's hands, and turn to face the new reality.

I wanted to thank you for supporting us with e-commerce sales, way beyond our expectations. Who knew you guys would love our luxe silk face masks so much! (hehe so thankful for your lavish taste!) Its really helped us keep our heads up. I also wanted to invite you to participate in our T-shirts for Hope Contest.

If you get creative at home (any medium, sketch, paint, photo, poem), and submit a photo of your original work – we will print it on a LVT Mandarin T-shirt for you, which you can buy with a portion of the sale going to WHO’s Global Covid Relief Fund. If you can’t buy, that’s also ok, your artwork will still be submitted in the contest, and judged by our superstar panel. They will select five of you as winners, and we’ll spoil the winners with a bespoke creation (worth $5,000) from me, and an original mini painting by critically acclaimed judge, Marcus Aitken (worth $500). Plus, you'll get your own T-shirt for Hope!

The theme of the contest is…. Guess what…. HOPE! We want you to be inspired by the phrase #HopeisContagious. I know it's not easy to be a hope-purveyor when a lot of us are experiencing anxiety, depression, sloth-like energy, and a general WTF perspective on the world right now. But you’ll be volunteering your light to a world that needs it.

Submissions are now live, and we’ll be streaming highlighted artwork on social media starting next week. The deadline is May 31st and the winners will be announced during the first week of June. Submit your artwork here.

Thanks to you peeps who have already been submitting. Your submissions have brightened our days, and we can't wait to share it.

Yours creatively,

Lisa Von Tang

lisa von tang's philanthropic drive to raise funds for WHO covid relief fund, through creativity meets fashion.