Travel Meets Fashion: A VIP Preview

On 30th August 2019, Lisa Von Tang started the weekend with our VIPs, launching our new Travel Bomber Jackets line! Our iconic bombers have just landed in a set of new styles, ready to take you from meeting to airport lounge!

We invited our guest to go on a exciting journey with us, with an evening of immersive one-on-one experiences with live entertainers, and a sampling of cuisines and cocktails. It was an evening of unexpected travel and experiencing a fresh new side of our beloved lion city.


From Marina Bay Sands, we boarded our traditional bumboat and silently glided (silent except for Lisa's boombox and a rather irate drag queen,) under bridges to the shores of the Asian Civilisations Museum. There we climbed up some rocky stairs from the Singapore Straits and made our way to the mind boggling view at Smoke and Mirrors

Guests immersed themselves in our new capsule collection, and cozied up on mats to have henna tattoos done, play chess, be seduced by our scent goddess Hiromi, and lost themselves (at least the adult sides,) for a few minutes with our dance meditation led by superstar Sophie. The dance meditation was laid out under a canopy of moving lights and real travel filmography. 

Seeing people smile from the unexpected is something we LIVE FOR!!! It was such a pleasure going on a little journey with you for the weekend!