T Magazine: Inspired by Yin and Yang

The time we had NY Times' Style Magazine, T Singapore, over for tea in our atelier. In love with how writer, Guan Tan, fleshes out the experience.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

With her four-year-old label, Von Tang wanted to strike a balance. A brand that forces itself to progress may not be progressing in the right direction. "I feel that if something is too much like that, you lose the juiciness of connecting with the universe, with people. And you can't create from a good place unless you're connected to [Yin]." 

She sums up her clothes in a phrase, "east meets west". Von Tang wanted to hark back to her heritage — she was born to a Chinese mother and a German father. Her collections are largely inspired by the literature that she is reading. And for now, Von Tang is reading about matriarchy and goddess worship — an anti-thesis to the patriarchal societies and religions that govern cities today. "A lot of my research is into pre-patriarchal societies and things that were more sustainable — communities and governments that were smaller an there's more accountability. It interests me because development wasn't so linear but circular."

Read the full article at T Singapore's website here.