Raw Luxe Revolution: Lisa Von Tang x Jeweluxe 2019

On 19th October 2019, Lisa Von Tang closed the Jeweluxe fair with the newly launched collection "Fast Love, Slow Living". The guests were taken on a mystical journey, led by the Singapore's preeminent gong master, Suraya Sam, from House of Ascend, followed with an exuberance immersive art show. 


The purpose with this collection was to promote a lifestyle that encourages both Fast Love - like passion for work, for your lover, for feeling alive, as well as Slow Living - like taking time to smell the roses and feel the breeze on your skin. In this day and age we cannot escape Life in The Fast Lane for too long, and its quite invigorating! But that's okay, so long as you find your ways to ground, and come back to your breath. 

Lisa Von Tang's runway looks – including menswear and womenswear – is made of stretch silks, up-cycled Chinese brocades, bamboo and other biodegradable fabrics, and paired with her favourite selections from Jeweluxe. With the undercover spiritual warriors in mind, she designed each look to be comfortable and work-ready, but also statement and culturally iconic - as LVT does best.


This collection is a reminder for us to celebrate passion at light speed, while also sinking down into yourself, and the earth. This state is where the LVT warriors exist in.