Sisters Blood Bracelets Set
Sisters Blood Bracelets Set
Sisters Blood Bracelets Set

Sisters Blood Bracelets Set

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  • These are the Tribe Symbols for our LVT babes
  • Pure, Natural Stones that are Sustainably Mined
  • 100% Stainless Steel with Gold Plating
  • Carved with Numerology, Unique to each bracelet
  • Channels our Inherent Goddess Energy 
  • Comes with Dustbag, Box, and Manifesto Scroll
  • Gift-wrapped with Ribbon and Card



No.6 - Rose Gold & Malachite

This Sisters Blood Bracelet represents Mother Earth, Divine Nurturing, and Connection to the One Whole. She is grounding, she is lush, she is effortlessly tantric in each breath. The Malachite stone has long been known to heal earth energies and is a protection stone. The color also brings to mind Gaia - the ancestral mother of all life in Greek mythology. The No. 6 inscribed is derived from Numerology, and signifies community, family, home, and leadership through love.

No.5 - Silver & Turquoise

This Sisters Blood Bracelet represents Change and Discovery. In Navajo Mythology, turquoise is associated with the Goddess "Changing Woman" who was the wife and counterpart to the Sun. She lived in a homemade of white shells, turquoise, and other shimmering materials with white and turquoise corn grown outside --- and this white home floated at the edge of the water's horizon. Each night, the sun - her husband would come to visit her and sink into her embrace. The Changing Woman has the ability to change from child to maiden, to elderly and back again. She represents the constant travel we must do between our inner child and our inner wise, white-haired crone on our journeys as women. The No. 5 inscribed represents travel, change, freedom and exploration in Numerology.

No.11 - Gold & Lapis Lazuli

This Sisters Blood Bracelet represents Visionary, Powerful, Crashing Waves, that will flow effortlessly past any challenges. The Lapis Lazuli stone is well known to be an ancient stone of Cleopatra, and was worn by prehistoric female rulers and goddesses. We are inspired by the Yoruba Goddess, OSHUN, in this bracelet, who also embodies Purity, Love, and Sensuality in her form as the Ocean. The No.11 inscription is derived from the Numerlogical Lifepath of the Visionary, Master Intuition, and Leadership. 



No.5: 100% Stainless Steel, Natural Malachite Stone

No.6: 100% Stainless Steel, Natural Turquoise Stone

No.11: 100% Stainless Steel, Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone

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