Gong Bath Journey: Realigning body and mind
Gong Bath Journey: Realigning body and mind

Gong Bath Journey: Realigning body and mind

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Ticket Cost: $220, or spend $2,000 on lisavontang.com in a single receipt between November 15-30th 

Date: Sunday, December 1st, 6:30pm 
Venue: House of Ascend

Join a special gong meditation ritual curated by Lisa Von Tang with Singapore's preminent studio in acoustic and crystal healing arts, House of Ascend. The journey will start with a 15 minute lavender foot soak, followed by a thirty minute reflexology session. After you're feeling heavenly grounded, you'll assume your place in front of HoA's master gong player, with other kindred LVT warriors, and be guided into a deep, rich gong bath. 

These listening sessions have been credited for taking people on transcendtal journeys, or helping them with insomnia. Known as an age-old practice, the sound from the gong realigns the body to its natural frequency, and helps release blockages in body and mind. The gong meditation will last for 60 minutes, and all you have to do is relax and soak up the cleansing vibrations.

Post gong bath, you'll be prepared a cup of hot cacao tea - made from the raw nibs of the cacao plant. 

Free Gift with Experience Purchase: Your choice of LVT Scent (Worth $68); find out which Chinese element you are at this experience, and then select from Earth, Wood, Water, Fire and Metal fragrances to take home as a free gift. All packaging and ingredients were sourced and created locally. 

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Gong Bath Journey: Realigning body and mind