LVT Experience

A Night of VIP Fashion Indulgence
19th October 2019, 4:00pm


  • Spend $3000 between Oct 9th - Oct 15th OR purchase the experience here.
  • Two front row seats for you and a friend, professional makeup artist at your home,
  • And a VIP concierge assistant on stand-by, topping up your glasses of bubbly.



All items below complimentary
4:00pm Style team arrives and preps you + one friend
6:30pm Limo to the LVT fashion show, concierge guides you to seats
7:00pm VIP fashion shoot for you and your friend backstage (15 minutes)
7:30pm Fashion show begins


  • You'll be asked to submit photos of your desired hair and makeup in advance to our artists.
  • We will create a group chat, where you can also send a selfie, costume inspo, and ask for professional advice.

To sign up, email your receipts to: