Wood by Lisa Von Tang
Wood by Lisa Von Tang
Wood by Lisa Von Tang
Wood by Lisa Von Tang

Wood by Lisa Von Tang

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Oh, to be like a wise, old, tree – Millenia older than we will ever be. We wanted this scent to share our roots in Asia. We therefore blended elements of Tamboti, Bamboo, and Vetivyer, with the older, wise tribe of Pine, Cedar and Sage. The scent is delicately layered and beautiful, but also gives the feeling of being calmly protected – under the branches of a tall, steadfast, tree. The roots of the this tree run deep, and intermingle with smaller vines, flowers, and plants on the fertile ground such as patchouli, lavender, violet and clove.

This scent is unisex.



This collection was created to inspire your reconnection back to Nature, and ground your spirit in the rhythms of the earth. 10% of each bottle sale will go to a local environmental organisation. For more information about the collection's inspiration and the NGO we support, please click here. In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we've proudly kept it local: 100% of this scent and its packaging is made in Singapore.



To find out your primary element in Chinese Astrology, called your Day Master, you can use a Bazi Calculator Online. You may also calculate the elements of your loved ones for personalised gifts. Each bottle comes with a personalised element card. 



Top: lavender, cedar leaf, violet, sage, clove | Middle: patchouli, rose, pine, cedarwood | Base: vetivyer, bamboo, sandalwood, musk, Tamboti wood

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