Male Custom Bomber
Male Custom Bomber

Male Custom Bomber

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Our Iconic Jacket, Your One-of-a-kind Creation

Thanks to your feedback and wishes, we've developed a way for you to customise your own unique LVT bomber jacket! Our iconic jacket is already limited edition, but it will now be one-of-a-kind, once you put your special twist on it. 

Play with these customisable options!

  • Select from highly limited edition fabrics
  • Fabric selection changes every few months!
  • 3-D Embroidered Initials at front of jacket
  • Personalised mantra embroidered on lining
  • Option to have a cuff-pocket for credit cards


Finding the Right Size 

Sizing comes in XS to XXL, and there is a clear sizing chart in the customiser app at check-out. You'll be able to view a gallery of the different sizes on different models, with their height and measurements shared for your comparison. You'll also have access to exact measurement of each size itself. Each jacket is also made with 1" fabric allowance at the seams, which enables you to easily alter the jacket for extra length or extra width. 

For the Earth Lovers 

Half of the materials used for LVT's bombers are upcycled. We utilise factory waste (over-production), and transform these beautiful textiles into unique pieces. Please see more on our sustainability practises here.

Returns of Customised Items

There are no returns allowed for customised items. Once you make this piece uniquely yours, we are not able to re-sell it. However, you can ensure that the piece will fit you well, by referring to the detailed size chart in the customiser app.
Male Custom Bomber
Male Custom Bomber
Male Custom Bomber